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Milad Tower

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Private Road of Milad Tower, Northern Angle of Hemmat Cross | Shahid Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Highway, Tehran, Iran

Tel : +98 21 8436 1000

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Milad Tower

Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran.Built in 2007 in Tehran, it stands 435 meters high. The head consists of a large pod with 12 floors, the roof of which is at 315 meters. Below this is a staircase and elevators to reach the area. Milad Tower is the sixth tallest tower in the world after the Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower in Guangzhou, CN Tower in Toronto, Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai and the Tokyo Skytree.

It is also currently (in early 2010) the 14th tallest freestanding structure in the world. Part of the Tehran International Trade and Convention Center, Milad telecommunication tower has restaurants at the top that offer a panoramic view of Tehran, a five-star hotel, a convention center, a world trade centre and an IT park, Tehranmiladtower reported.

The tower is in fact a complex that seeks to respond to the needs of business in the globalised world in the 21st century by offering facilities combining trade, information, communication, convention and accommodation all in one place. Furthermore, the complex features a parking area of 27,000 square meters, a large computer and telecommunications unit, a cultural and scientific unit, a commercial transaction center, a showroom for exhibiting products, a specialized library, an exhibition hall and an administrative unit. Milad Tower has an octagonal base that symbolizes traditional Persian architecture.


Milad Tower consists of five main parts: foundation, transition (lobby) structure, shaft, head structure and antenna mast. The lobby’s structure consists of six floors. The first three floors consist of 63 trade units, 11 food courts, a cafeteria and a commercial products exhibition. The first and second underground floors consist of official and installation sections and a data center. The ground floor is devoted to the entrance and visitors’ reception. The shaft is a concrete structure 315 meters high from ground floor. On three sides, six elevators are designed to transfer visitors to the head of the tower at a speed of 7 meters per second.

An emergency staircase exists on the fourth side. The head of the tower is a steel structure weighing about 25,000 tons, which consist of 12 floors. This structure is the biggest and the tallest multi-story structure among all the telecommunication towers in the world. On the top floors of the tower are the fire-immune area as a refuge zone, a closed observation deck, cafeteria, public art gallery, an open observation deck, a revolving restaurant, telecommunication floors, a VIP restaurant, mechanical floors and a sky dome. The four-stage antenna mast is 120 meters high. The lower floor of the mast is for the adjustment of public users’ telecommunication antennas and the three upper floors are devoted to the antenna of the national radio and television organization of Iran.

Observation Deck

The third floor of the tower is the Observation Deck. This is the first public floor of Milad Tower that offers a great view in an enclosed area containing windows with a height of 20 meters. There is access to the cafeteria, art gallery and a revolving restaurant that can be reached from this floor by stairs.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery is located on the 5th floor from where one can view a display of valuable work of visual arts. The aim of the tower’s management in this regard, is to create a specific area to introduce this work to those who are interested in these arts.

International Convention Center

The centre’s main parts are seven conference halls and an exhibition space with an area of 700 square meters, and it also consists of a lobby, a training room, two restrooms, a radio and television studio, and reception services.

World Trade Center

Spread over 40,000 square meters, this center has been established with different sections for national and global commercial business transactions, exhibition areas for displaying products and services, as well as technical and scientific conventions.

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