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Tajrish Square and Tajrish Bazaar

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The old bazaar, Tajrish Grand Tekiyeh (a place for religious mourning ceremonies) and the shrine of Emamzadeh Saleh in addition to numerous shopping centers are among main attractions of Tajrish neighborhood in Tehran.

you can go to the Tajrish bazaar and dive into the packed crowd in there to feel the people, shops, and various kinds of goods and foodstuff in addition to all kinds of different colors, scents, and sounds with all your heart.

There is no commodity, which you cannot find in this market. As put by the Iranian proverb “everything but the kitchen sink” can be found in this market. Do not be put off by clamor of people, because this is Tajrish and everybody knows how to move around in there.

The fragrance of vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish, pickles, fruit leather, samanu (an Iranian sweet paste made entirely from germinated wheat), soup, porridge… has permeated everywhere.

The cries of shopkeepers, who want to sell their commodities, are also enticing. As soon as you lock eyes with them, they energetically urge you to buy what they sell.

Then from within the market, you can access Emamzadeh Saleh to visit and tour this shrine, which is among sacred places for Shia Muslims. The Grand Tekiyeh of Tajrish is also before you at Tajrish bazaar and you can visit it as well. The bazaar of Tajrish is one of the liveliest of the world’s places, which never sleeps.

Tajrish Square and Tajrish Bazaar - Iran Travel Bookinf - Best of Tehran
Tajrish Bazaar

To reach this old and beautiful neighborhood of Tehran, you can use the first line of Tehran's subway, which goes through Shariati Avenue, or alternatively take a bus or taxi through Vali Asr Avenue both of which are among the longest streets in metropolitan Tehran.

This neighborhood can be approached through Tajrish Square or Quds Square between which is located the old and roofed bazaar of Tajrish, the Grand Tekiyeh of Tajrish, and the shrine of Emamzadeh Saleh in addition to many shops, stores, big shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops.

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