Iran Travel Booking

With unique method of booking help you to save both time and money by booking all of your itinerary services with confidence and without prepayment. At Iran Travel Booking quality and services go hand in hand. we have extended and firsthand knowledge of Iran. while on your journey help is never out of reach. we are always on call 24/7 to handle unforeseen situations and we do our best to respond to emails as soon as possible. Whether you have a single question or special request, we are here for you.


How does it work

1) Filling the Ticket/Hotel Form

2) In a few hours you’ll be informed about the availability via email and your hotel voucher/ticket will be sent to you after your confirmation.

3) Our reservations do not require an advance payment of any sort but we make the confirmed reservation with full payment to the hotels at the time of booking. You simply pay hotel or ticket cost when you arrive in Iran. It will be our pleasure to meet you in person in Tehran with Prior arrangement (in your hotel or wherever you prefer) and you can settle invoice with Iran Travel Booking representative by cash.

Note 1 : For greater certainty you can call hotels directly to check the status of your booking.
Note 2 : You’ll receive an email 8 days before your domestic flight/hotel booking date and if your travel plan has not changed you’re expected to reply and confirm it within 24 hours. Unfortunately, if this step remains undone, your ticket/reservation will be canceled. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


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