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Types of Hotels and Resorts in Iran

Iran Hotels

Iran hotels like all around the world are divided in to several groups: One-Star to Five-Star hotel, each of these categories contains variety services, according to these services there are different prices.Apartment hotels are in the same categories. There is a possibility of cooking in apartment hotels.

Historical Houses of Iran

The other types of Iranian contemporary resorts are historical houses throughout Iran. These houses have been restored and changed to boutiques and appealing places for tourists. If you stay a night there, you would travel through history of Iran. Undoubtedly their beauties will attract you. Because they have their own features and give you a delightful experience.

Iranian Eco-Tourism Resorts

These kind of resorts create different style of your journey.
Eco-tourism resorts are built by materials been used in local area where they’re located and they’re trying to have greatest compatibility with the environment. At these places local foods are served and staying there, gives you a chance to get acquainted with people and their local cultures. Eco-tourism resorts are in majority of cities and villages. These safe resorts have been licensed by Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran.

Hotel Reservation in Iran

If you intend to travel to Iran, It’s better to book the hotel before you start your trip. Hereby, you won’t get confused among all possible choices and face to no vacancy during high seasons. There are a lot of hotels in Iran. These hotels are all across the cities, North, East, West, South and center of cities. You probably have various principals in your mind to choose a hotel in Iran such as equipment, number of stars, being luxury, price and etc, but one of the most important one is, its location. We recommend choosing the one which is close to your favorite places to visit.
In high seasons doing reservation two months before traveling is suggested in order to have more options for choosing hotels and in other seasons a month before traveling would be a proper time.
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