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Heidi Wong

I booked 4 hotels with Iran travel booking, Tehran, Isfahan Yazd and shiraz, also a flight from shiraz to Tehran. Thank you for the professional service, the experts even guide me for some local traveling issues, and reply patiently to all my questions.


Gulsah Karahisarli

I loved beautiful Iran and I'm already missing it.
I decided to book my first 2 nights in Tehran with Iran travel after a small search on the internet.
The site is easy and pleasant to use. The contact was very fast and kind. They also propose transfer from the airport. My experience with Iran travel was really appreciable. Merci! (Also merci for the beautiful gift)


Andrey Arkhincheev

I had a great time in Iran, thanks to you! You have provided a very professional and useful service. I will recommend you to all my friends that are going to visit Iran.

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Mateus de Araujo Fernandes

The website of Iran Travel Booking was very useful to find good options of hotels in different cities and also with good prices. The reservation process was very straightforward and they've been always very professional and punctual everytime I needed to contact them by e-mail, phone or in person.
I highly recommend them.


Anna and Marius Kowolik

We’ve been delighted to participate in a one-day-tour of Tehran organized by IRAN TRAVEL BOOKING. Our family visited Iran together with two friends. It was unforgettable time for all of us as we experienced hospitality, kindness, open-mindedness from the Iranians and additionally, full professionalism on IRAN TRAVEL BOOKING side. We fully recommend using their experience and knowledge as finding yourself in this 14-million metropolis is quite a challenge for each tourist. Their support will enable you to indulge into the world of Iran and turn your travel experience into a hassle-free adventure. Moreover, we used IRAN TRAVEL BOOKING help and guidance while booking hotels in Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz as well as bus tickets and a flight on our tour. We’d like to take this opportunity and give one more time many thanks to TAYEBEH – meeting you and your support offered to us is something we’ll never forget. THANK YOU!

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Juan Carlos Rego de la Torre

It was a wonderful experience to be assisted for Iranian Travel Booking during my trip to this fabulous country. They are absolutely reliable and very professional. It was very difficult to make a reservation to a hotel on the internet at the beginning of my trip, thanks to them I was able to do so with a great fare in an extremely quick time. They are very professional and reliable with exquisite and warm manners, thank you very much specially to Mr. Mohamad. I was very happy, it was a Great Choice!
Juan Carlos Rego


Zhongyuan Ding

The booking experience was really great. I would be happy to share my photo on your website.

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Samuel Granat

I had a great time in Iran,Tehran Hamedan and Qazvin thanks to your wonderful service! You have provided a very professional and useful service. I will recommend you to all my friends that are planning to go visit Iran. 

Mr. Andreas Strand - Guests Reviews - Iran Travel Booking

Andreas Strand

I would like to thank Iran Travel Booking with helping me with booking of hotels and tickets for buses and flights.
The communication with them can only be described as excellent! When I sent them an e-mail at the evening they had answered me the next morning. During daytime they often answered within few minutes.
During the trip they made me feel welcomed to ask questions, and again, they answered without any delays.
The trip to Iran went more smoothly because of them. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family, and anyone who would like to visit Iran.
Next time I travel to Iran I will use Iran Travel Booking again!


Zakiyya Ismail

If you want an above excellent service that is also personalized, then book with Iran Travel Booking. Response times are quick, they are on the ball, the booking process is seamless, they are friendly and using Iran Travel Booking contributed greatly to making our trip to Iran an amazing experience.

Sarah Belen Simon

We fall in love with Iran. This magical country captured our hearts. That was an amazing experience and you made it perfect. As a booking website, that was not your duty to advise about all itinerary details and answering many unrelated questions to booking issues. But you did an excellent job listening to us, making recommendations, answering our many questions and always prompt. We truly appreciate your time and effort to help us. We would definitely recommend Iran Travel Booking to everyone we know, who is planning to travel to Iran. 

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