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Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral is also known as Sansur and Amnaperkich . It is the largest church in Julfa. This majestic church was built in 1015 A.H (1605) in the area of Barberry Garden. It has a giant dome, lofty and beautiful walls and roofs which is already vicarage of Indian and Armenian caliphs.

The main chapel of the church is in shape of parallelogram that has two quadrilateral parts which the first part is bedchamber and the second part that is under the dome of the church is the palace where ceremonies and religious songs holds. The chapel walls are covered with multi-colored brick tiles. In the upper part of the walls beautiful images has painted that are inspired from Bible and has decorated all the dome space. Around the dome, the story of creation of Adam and Eve has been painted by Armenian painters. Also on the beautiful sanctuary of the church some images including an image of Jesus (AS) is painted.

On the corner of the churchyard a big and beautiful bell tower which is based on four stone pillars has built. On the other side of the churchyard and in front of bell tower, a long column from remembrance stone of 1.5 million Armenian who were massacred in 1915 has built. In the courtyard of the churchyard a few of the famous

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Vank Cathedral

Armenian including some archbishop, political representatives of European countries that have passed in Isfahan has been buried.

Different parts of the church

Vank Cathedral has various facilities such as museum and libraries. Church museum was built in the year 1322 A.H (1905).

Of the other facilities, is the printing office of the church. This printing office that was established by diligence and innovation of one of Armenians leaders in that time named Khachator Kesartesi in the year 1636, as the first printing office started to work and the first book which was published by this printing office was Psalms of David that from this book there is only one copy in the world which is kept in Oxford, England. The picture of this book is visible publicly for people in the church museum.

Vank church library also with 25000 books is used as one of the best information sources by Armenian and other religion investigators.

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Address: Vank Cathedral , Alfred St, Eeast Nazar St, Hakim Nezami Intersection, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

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